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and increase your ability to get into shape all round. 

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The R15 Health Scorecard benchmarks your overall health and identifies opportunities and areas where you can improve.

The R15 system has become a trusted tool for shaping your health and fitness.


Free of charge, no strings attached, in less than 5 minutes.

Answer 15 questions and get your scorecard.


Getting into your ideal shape requires the ability to deal with a goal, your body, nutrition & lifestyle.

Therefore anything that reduces your ability to deal with these areas reduces

your ability to get into your best shape

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"I love my training The trainers are so full of energy really supportive and make you feel like you can achieve... Even when you doubt yourself. The sessions are quick... No more having to spend hours and hours at the gym..." - Sal

Uncover your Strengths and Weaknesses

The Scorecard will measure you against

The 5 Elements of Health




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The degree to which you can clearly articulate your goal of what you want to achieve physically is the first step in maximising your health and fitness. Rarely do individuals have a compelling answer to the question 'What do you want to achieve?' 'What is your ideal shape?

This will impact our health and fitness as it will lead you to do the right things or the wrong things depending on how clear your goal is.

"It was transformational, both in my health and my energy and the holistic approach of the gym was completely different to anything that I’ve ever tried before. It didn’t matter how busy I was, I could always fit it in. The results were instant. 

I changed my body shape, the way I felt about myself, my health, energy and mental focus. 

Michael Kavanagh, Ex Head of Presentation, BBC Newsroom

"Problem is, as a mum of two with a hectic working week and zero 'me time' at weekends, I've told myself I don't have time. Was it worth it? Oh my goodness YES. 

At the end of my programme I’d shifted 7lb of fat and I’d lost a whopping 2.5 inches around the waist. I was absolutely shocked by how quickly and drastically my shape changed. Not only have I lost weight, I feel fitter and stronger, my cellulite is reduced, my bum has lifted and everything just feels smoother, firmer and tighter."

Lynne Hyland, Sunday Mirror

How to get in the best shape of your life even if you have:








                        No time                                              Young children                                   A long commute





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