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To maximise results, download and follow the 

Fat Reduction and Rejuvenation guides. 

Based on the latest cutting edge science!

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Low Fat Nutrition Explained
Fat and Protein Nutrition Explained

Local places where you can get your Fat & Protein lunch

Crussh - Protein Salad (Avocado, smoked salmon,eggs spinach)

Tossed - You can create your own salad (use a leafy base, choose your protein, you can add nuts and cheese and then add avocado as your fats)

Vital Ingredient - Very similar to Tossed.

Assenheims - (they do a chicken thigh salad, you just need to add in your fats.)

Pret - Crayfish avocado salad


Do I have to follow the nutritional programmes or can I do my own nutrition?

R15 is based on a High Probability Training system which takes the latest cutting edge science and our experience which spans over 10 years and thousands of Transformations!

One of the key ingredients to getting results is nutrition. The 2 plans that we advocate have been trialled and tested with thousands of humans ;) Those that followed the system always for tremendous results. We highly recommend following these guides but you are also free to follow your own.

The main thing is results. The best nutritional programme is often the one that you can follow (just make sure it is low carb) 

How often do I need to Exercise?

The R15 Challenge is 5 weeks, the minimum number of sessions we recommend is 15 classes. 3 classes a week is sufficient but for best results we recommend 5 classes a week Mon - Fri with rest over the weekend (sticking on the nutrition for the full 5 weeks is key)

Should I take supplements?

Supplements can be a great help. As the name suggests, they are designed to supplement your nutrition, which is to fill in the gaps.

During the R15 Challenge, if you train 5 classes a week and commit fully to the nutrition, based on our 10 years of experience we anticipate you will lose close to 10 lbs of fat and for many you'll go way beyond.

The way the Exercise and Nutrition is designed is to create your body into a Fat Melting Machine! What this means is that you will start to use your own Body Fat for fuel. Keeping in mind that each lb of Fat on your body contains 3,500 calories of fuel. This takes into account your hormones, which ones maximise Fat Burning and how they are stimulated/released. Especially on the Fat & Protein Nutrition - you may only feel hungry once or twice a day, hence eliminating the need to count calories.

The above is important to note to understand how certain supplements can help. Body Fat can tend to contain toxins, as your body will be breaking down 10 lbs of Body Fat, your immune system will need to deal with those toxins. To set yourself up for success and the smoothest possible body transformation experience, we advise taking a good multi-vitamin. This will help keep your immune system at it's peak to deal with any extra toxins.

Energy: A natural supplement that has been shown to help you train harder is creatine. You already have this in your body but increasing the amount stored can dramatically increase your explosive power allowing you to get more from each class. This will have 2 major impacts.

1. You'll tend to release more fat burning hormones after the workout.

2. You'll further increase your strength/muscle.

Protein/Amino Acids: Foods contain protein, when broken down/digested the building blocks are called Amino Acids. The challenge with protein is that often through cooking and storage, foods can lack certain building blocks (Amino Acids) which then make it very difficult for the body to re-build the body to increase its strength/muscle. A good Amino Acid supplement can make a good difference to help the body utilise the maximum protein from the food you are eating. Having complete proteins will make a big difference to your overall energy and firmness of your muscle.

The last supplement that we will mention is Magnesium.

Both nutritional guides have dairy options which can be high in calcium. If you suddenly have more calcium than normal, it tends to have a binding effect which can lead to constipation. Magnesium has the opposite effect which is, it relaxes. If you experience constipation then magnesium citrate will more often then not resolve the problem. 

Note: Another way to resolve this problem without supplements is to reduce the dairy and go for the other options. 

On the Low Fat - you are allowed certain fruits, Kiwi is naturally high in magnesium, this can also do the trick.

To summarise, supplements are optional. They can help

You have given 2 nutritional guides, which one should I choose?

The best choice is going to be based on the one that you can follow. Based on your personal preference you can see which suits you and your lifestyle best.

For best results we recommend starting with the Fat & Protein. You can stick on this for the full 5 weeks. Stick with the plan for a minimum of 2 weeks, if you feel you need a change, then switch to the Low Fat for the remainder of the challenge. The switching to the Low Fat can have 2 major benefits. 

1. It gives you the variety which you may feel you need.

2. It shocks the body and can often boost the results.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Track your results using Boditrax - ideally check your progress at least once a week. This will show you how you are getting on and keep you motivated as you see the results occurring!

Do you have a Burning Question that you need the answer to?

Simply Follow us on Instagram and Direct Message your question. We will aim to do a video on the same day to answer your question and add the answer to this FAQ section!